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Real Estate Tehran : Whatever it is that you need we have for you: offices, villas, apartments (fully furnished) on both long term and short term leases. If you can't find what you need online please fill this form with your requirements and we will find your desired property in no time or simply contact us with your specifications.

International Real Estate: we conduct Real Estate activities in Greece, Italy and Spain.

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Dear Landlord! IF you want to rent your property with best conditions please take time and fill this form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Our Real Estate Services

Over six years experience in Real Estate matters is waiting to serve you! More than 200,000 rentals in big Tehran and suburb including Apartments, Villas and Offices, Furnished or Unfurnished, ...

Don`t get bored of driving in crowded roads of Tehran! Don`t waste your time by visiting properties far from your expectations! Here is the solution! Just relax on your chair at your home or office, and Choose a rental House or an Office for Short or Long Time among our properties! It`s as easy as a glass of water! Completely Free! If you can not find the right one in our data bank, just give us the specifications of your desired home and Let us find your dream home! It`s a peace of cake for our staff! Also, you can rent your property to the perfect tenants by giving us the details of that and Let us rent your property!

Why to Rent a Property:

You may know that purchasing the properties in Iran is not legally allowed for foreign individuals so far, and it needs certain license for foreign missions. So, if you are a foreign resident in Tehran, you`d better think about renting a property instead of buying.

Why to rent a property through NBT?

NBT is so much honored to give you the best services because of the following reasons:

1. We save your time, because your time is our time also. When you are visiting something with one of our people, the time is rushing for both of us, so, we respect your time as ours.

2. We save your time, because you don`t need to visit all of our suggested properties, the main thing you will need, is to visit our properties in our web site, compare the conditions of all available properties and choose some of them to be visited. Later, you can make your selection among them. In other words, you will take a tour among our properties in our web site instead of touring in the crowded roads of the town. In this way, you will avoid the boring traffic and polluted air.

3. By renting a property from NBT, you will be given a maid, a baby sitter, a farsi teacher and a shopping consultant free of introduction fee.

4. If you rent an accommodation from NBT for more than $ 2,500, you will be invited for a One-day Tour inside Tehran completely Free of any charges!.

5. NBT is jointed with different local servicing companies to provide you all the help you may need during your moving i.e. Transportation, Cleaning, etc.

6. NBT will not leave you alone with the probable problems you may face in your new house, either with the house itself or with your landlord.

How to Rent a Property:

It is as easy as a glass of water when you ask NBT to rent any kinds of properties for you. All you need, is to visit our properties pages (links on the Left colomn) in which you will find some samples of available properties in our data bank to grab an idea about the conditions and prices of the Real Estate market in Tehran. However, we do have a lot more in our data bank, which can not be showed in the web site because of some restrictions we face already.

How many choices you can make?

There is no limitation for our valued customers; you can make as many choices as you want. Actually, first you have to make up your mind about what do you need to rent, asses your proximate budget (monthly rent), the areas you consider, the facilities you need, and make as many choices as you want.

How much you will be charged?

NBT services are all Free before signing a contract. Only after you sign a contract through NBT and you will move in your house, you will be asked to pay NBT the related charges as a commission. You won`t be charged if you don`t sign a contract.

What if you are not in Tehran when ordering?

If you are in your own country and plan to travel to Tehran in the future, we can manage it for you to make your choice and sign the lease contract in your country. In this case, we need at least six weeks time to arrange all the procedure.